Erika Napoletano


Ever been stuck? Well, Erika Napoletano gets restless brands and the people brave enough to lead them unstuck and shortens the distance between where you are and "hell yeah." She's a twice-published, award-winning author of The Power of Unpopular and a TED Editor's Pick for her 2012 talk, "Rethinking Unpopular." Discover business, uncensored at Unstuck.LIFE.

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Growing a Business

How to Get Out of Your Own Way

There are three situations guaranteed to land you and your business in the mud. The only way to get out is to see these problems for what they are and move forward. Ready?


Stellar Customer Service Keeps Upscale Lingerie Shop in Business

This Denver-based small shop has weathered tough times by showing their customers that they care.

Thought Leaders

3 Ways to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

Escape starts with a simple question: What bores you about your business? Your mission is to kill the snooze and ratchet up the excitement.

Growing a Business

3 Simple Questions That Can Derail Your Reputation

Reaching out for help is a good thing, as long as you remember to respect other people's time, relationships and expertise.


How Much Confidence Is Too Much?

Being sure of yourself is nice, but thinking that nobody knows better is a mistake.


What to Do If You Hate Your Brand

Four steps to building your brand into something that's more true to you.

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