Hanna Shanar

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor
CEO & Founder of The Publicity Hub & Medicine Unlocked

Hanna Shanar is a best selling author, fourth year medical student, CEO & founder of The Publicity Hub and Medicine Unlocked. Pubhub is a public relations firm renowned for captivating digital campaigns for high-profile clients. Medicine Unlocked is a news platform for students and professionals.

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Social Media

How Subscription Models Like Meta Verified and X Premium Have Transformed the PR Landscape

How the verification checkmarks affect the PR landscape, shifting from credibility badges to mere identity confirmations and what this means for genuine brand storytelling in the digital age.


7 Strategies for Being Proactive (Instead of Reactive) in Shaping PR Narratives

This article aims to exemplify the importance of "futurecasting" in public relations, highlighting its importance in today's fast-paced world.

Thought Leaders

How to Create a Strong Personal Brand by Leveraging the Power of PR and Social Media

By leveraging public relations and social media, individuals can effectively amplify their unique values and offerings, transforming their personal brand into a potent asset that directly influences their path to success.


The A-La-Carte Approach to Public Relations Is a Game Changer for the Industry

The a-la-carte PR revolution allows established or up-and-coming firms to capitalize on their relationships with media outlets to provide guaranteed publications and transparency with clients.

Thought Leaders

Exploring the Intricate Interplay of Education, Income and Entrepreneurial Success

Let's discuss the relationship between education and income, the likelihood of running a successful business while educated and the correlation between IQ and education level.


How Press Releases and News Features Help Your Business

Press releases and news features are used by numerous companies, established and startup, to help build credibility around the brand. This article will highlight the importance of this marketing strategy.

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