Hanumanth Rao Chitipothu

Hanumanth Rao Chitipothu

CEO & Co-Founder, HealthSignz

About Hanumanth Rao Chitipothu

Hanumanth Rao Chitipothu is the CEO and co-founder of HealthSignz. Before starting up HealthSignz, Hanu worked with marque IT companies like GE, IBM and Infinite. Hanu has led several projects in India, USA, UK, Denmark, Sweden and Middle East for multiple Turnkey Solutions in Healthcare, Retail, BFSI, and Manufacturing for Fortune 500 companies. Hanu’s vision for building consumer centric healthtech solutions for individuals to ‘Live Longer and Live Happier’ led him to team up with DR Ram Papa Rao Amabati, Dr. Vinod P Nair, and Surendranath C, with similar ideologies, to startup HealthSignz. Hanu holds a B.Tech degree.

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