Heather and Pete Christothoulou

Heather and Pete Christothoulou

Guest Writer
Founder of Heathermade; CEO of Marchex

About Heather and Pete Christothoulou

Heather Christothoulou is the founder of Heathermade, a line of allergy-free baked goods at Costco. A trained chef, Heather blogs for a community of millions at heatherchristo.com about the allergy-free lifestyle, and recently published Pure Delicious, a new cookbook aimed to help people with food allergies experience the joy of eating. Pete Christothoulou is the CEO and co-founder of Marchex, a mobile advertising analytics company. They live in Seattle with their two children.

You can find Pete on LinkedIn where he blogs about hiring and corporate culture. Heather is on Twitter @heatherchristoInstagram and Facebook

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