Heather Clancy


How Facebook's Social Network for Work Will Change Business

The service's imminent arrival is certain to rekindle the debate surrounding the long-term future of email and a new wave of other services that aim to reinvent how employees communicate.

IBM, Facebook Team Up on Marketing Analytics Mashup

The goal is to drive personalized campaigns, both on the social network and across other digital channels.

Worried About Insider Data Theft? This Startup Has You Covered.

Analytics software from Canadian startup Interset identifies activity that deviates from "good" behavior and proactively alerts managers.

Will the Workplace Lead Wearable Technology Adoption?

Experts say adoption of wearables at work will outpace it at home thanks to improved safety, productivity, and collaboration.

Is This Industry Disruptor Ripe for Disruption?

This week, Salesforce.com adds analytics to its enterprise software portfolio as far smaller companies eye its hold on the customer relationship management category.

This Is the Biggest Email Provider You've Never Heard Of

A little-known company handles huge volumes of marketing missives, customer service notes and fraud alerts for the likes of American Express, Groupon, and PayPal.

Meet Via Video

Videoconferencing technology comes to the rescue when being there isn't an option.

Who's on Your Site?

Real-time tracking tools make it easier than ever to monitor your online traffic.

Laptop Quick Fixes

Emergency-care options for your ailing notebook.

Cyber Agents

New travel planners aren't your everyday Orbitz.

Social Marketing

Make friends in all the right places online, and watch your site's traffic soar.

Computer Problems Got You Stranded?

Here's how to find emergency care for your ailing laptop.

Join Forces Online

Web-based collaboration technology plays go-between when face-to-face isn't possible.

Unscramble This

Encrypting data can save you lots of heartache. How should you do it?

Word Gets Around

How can your company harness the power of rave reviews? A customer-driven social networking site makes it possible.

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