Heberto Calves

Heberto Calves

Guest Writer / Senior Vice President of Marketing and Product development at EB Brands

Heberto (Herbie) Calves is the senior vice president of marketing and product development at EB Brands. Prior to arriving at EB Brands, Calves spent over 19 years building and managing brands such as LensCrafters, Timex, Advil, BellSouth, Woolite, Lysol and Kiss My Face. His experience has given him marketing and consumer insights across a diverse number of cultures and product categories. With EB Brands’ latest fitness monitor line “WeGo” as the most recent example, Calves has successfully implemented marketing strategies that overcome the “cheap” perception.

Take It From The Pros

What Brands Need to Do to Beat the 'Cheap' Perception

Companies need to build a strategy that emphasizes a product's value proposition for the more desirable label of "affordable."
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