Jareer Oweimrin

Jareer Oweimrin

Founder and Executive Director, fluidmeet

Jareer Oweimrin is the founder and Executive Director of fluidmeet.

Jareer has worked in entrepreneurial settings for most of his professional career. He’s enthusiastic about technology and its application on real estate and the hospitality industry. Previously, he led the new market business development for a large transnational pharmaceutical company. He has established entrepreneurial ventures in the UAE and USA.  

Jareer has also served as a management advisor for an entrepreneurial consulting firm that had engagements with government organizations, government-related entities, and private companies. He has led multiple large-scale consulting engagements and managed large teams. When he’s not running fluidmeet, he enjoys the company of his family and books. 


Welcome To Workplace Agility: Why Your Business Needs A Corporate Workspace SaaS

An SaaS platform, can enable the mapping of an entire office, including the number of desks and the number of employees, as well as the consumption of additional workspace requirements and check-in and check-out times.  

Hybrid Offices: The Prospects Of A Permanent Shift In The Workspace

Countries like the UAE, which possess an abundance of workspaces, top-notch infrastructure, and high-speed Wi-Fi, are tailor-made for the hybrid work model.

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