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Jean Spencer

Jean Spencer

Guest Writer / Content Marketer and Writer for Kapost

Jean Spencer is an entrepreneur and former political journalist. She is currently a content marketing manager at Kapost, which develops content-marketing software for enterprise businesses. Spencer specializes in numbers and data and her articles focus on digital marketing, content marketing and the state of the journalism industry.

Marketing Ideas

5 Findings About Idea Generation for Content Marketing

How do you come up with and execute 251 marketing ideas each year? In a recent survey, marketers shared their pain.
Big Data

Which Do We Need More: Big Data or Fast Data?

Why computers can't do all the work: data analysts are important, too
Big Data

4 Marketing Analytics Tools That Are Shaping the Industry

Often marketing efforts are, by nature, hard to quantify in terms of dollars, revenue or impact. Here are a few resources to help solve this problem.
Big Data

5 Ways to Pull Big Data Into Your Marketing Strategy

What do marketers and big data have in common? They both have an insatiable desire to know more about their targets.