Jennifer Connelly

CEO, JConnelly

Jennifer Connelly is founder and CEO of JConnelly, a communications and marketing agency representing highly recognized and emerging corporate and personal brands.

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Thought Leaders

How Women Leaders Win and Help Others to Do the Same

We can do our best work, forge our own path and challenge everyone to judge us on the results we achieve while still supporting and championing the women around us.


3 Tips for Co-Branding Happily Ever After

Marrying your brand to another can be shrewd marketing but proceed thoughtfully. Even corporate breaking up is hard to do.


Jay Z's Faltering Streaming Service Is a Case Study in Failure-to-Launch Syndrome

The star-studded unveiling of Tidal was a tangle of mixed messages that neglected to mention any good reasons why music consumers might want the service.


The Most Memorable Ad Campaigns Share These 3 Elements

Marketing that resonates and sticks in our memories despite the media cacophony tends to share certain characteristics.

Operations & Logistics

The Golden Age: How the PR Industry Is Coming Into its Own

Technology is helping to bring public relations out of the shadowy realm between marketing and advertising.

Social Media

Media In the Information Age Operates Under Different Rules

Every blogger has the potential to become an influential news source but the checks and standards of any earlier time apply unevenly, if at all.

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