Jenny Karn

Jenny Karn

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
CEO of Lumino

A self-proclaimed "recovering" journalist, Jenny has been telling stories for 15 years. She moved from media to agency life in 2011 and has since worked with global brands like Google, the NBA and ESPN. A two-time agency founder, she helps brands improve internal and external communications.

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Your Brand's Digital Presence is More Than SEO

Companies use SEO because they want to improve their online search presence, but for larger brands and national brands, many components of first-page search results are not impacted by SEO.

The Importance of Mapping Out Your Competitor Landscape

It can be tempting for entrepreneurs to think their brand is so niche that they have no competitors, but it's more likely they're not thinking big enough.

When LinkedIn is Good for Entrepreneurs, and When It Isn't

As much as I adore LinkedIn, there are some areas where the platform isn't ideal.

Dear Corporations, Delete Your Facebook Page

Facebook posts continue to generate lower levels of engagement every year while looking and feeling increasingly perfunctory.

Your Digital Team Is Sitting On Some Game-Changing Insights. Here's How to Take Advantage of Them.

Your organization is at a significant disadvantage when your digital operations aren't aligned with your broader business strategy. 

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