Jenny Kee


Bill Fishkin

29, editor-in-chief and publisher of <i>Synthesis Weekly</i> in Chico, California

Ed Edmunds

46, president of Distortions Unlimited Corp. in Greeley, Colorado

Going Global

If you're considering a global market, take the time to get to know it.

Scram, Scam

Some con artists make a habit of ripping off businesses. Here's how to make a habit of thwarting them.

Netpreneur John Daniels

With tenacity--and a movie--this serial netpreneur is determined to succeed in cyberspace.

Cream of the Crop

Everyone plays favorites, including homebased entrepreneurs. Here are some top picks for the best tools and services that power home business.

Book Review: At Work at Home

Does your home office's layout leave something to be desired? This book will help you design a more suitable work space.

Author Mark Baven on Being Extreme

Do you have what it takes to be an extreme entrepreneur? Let Mark Baven show you the ropes of rule-breaking, risk-taking entrepreneurship.

Marketing Expert Nancy Koehn

Hit consumers with aspirational marketing, and you'll take them--and your business--to new heights.

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