Joshua Kreitzer

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
Founder & CEO of Channel Bakers

Josh Kreitzer is the founder and CEO of Channel Bakers, an international retail media and ecommerce agency. His 25-year career includes advertising and vendor management at a large consumer electronics internet retailer, and being The Internet Guy at brands like GoPro and Corsair.



Personalization Is an Overused Buzzword. This Is the Real Future of Ecommerce.

Retail media is embracing a model that lets sellers and brands use first-party data to build authentic relationships — and it will change ecommerce forever.

Growing a Business

In the Fight for Privacy, Web Cookies Are Disappearing. Here's What That Means for Your Company's Advertising Strategy.

Privacy is becoming prioritized and third-party cookies are disappearing. Instead of spending more to reach the exact same audience, businesses will have to find another way to help them reach their audiences more efficiently and effectively.

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