Julia Weikel

Julia Weikel

Julia Weikel is a branding and marketing domain industry insider with experience in Australia, China and the U.S. She shares brand-focused insights and intel about the democratization of internet real estate and opportunities available to entrepreneurs.


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When Is It Time to Rebrand? Lessons from Meta, Block and More

After the onset of the pandemic, many companies adapted and pivoted to a new business model. Others gave themselves a new name, look and sometimes domain name. Many found themselves in both categories, adjusting their public-facing side to mirror changes occurring internally. Why now?

How Brands Benefit From Multiple Domain Names

The more domain names that you use, the more opportunities you have to tell your brand's story.

How to Choose a Descriptive Domain for Your Business

Domain names provide brands with an opportunity to make a meaningful first impression.

Debunking 3 Common Misconceptions Around Domains

A new wave of digital real estate is available to brand builders, which has re-democratized domain name acquisition.

How Descriptive Domains Are Challenging the Status Quo

There are a few emerging naming and branding trends being observed among Fortune 500 companies.

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