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Franchise: Freedom or Fantasy?

If you're thinking about ditching the corporate world for a franchise, author Mitchell York has the reality check you need.

Travel Smarter

Before your next trip, hit up these online communities.

Best Charge Cards for Business Travelers

Use corporate credit to your advantage when you're on the road.

Where to Find Great Food at Airports

Fast-food nightmares abound, but some airports have surprisingly good eateries.

Stay Connected Abroad

Know your communications options when you travel.

Those Who Plan Together, Travel Together

Social networking sites take some of the work out of business travel.

You Pay to Fly

There's no such thing as a free lunch--or baggage handler--so plan your travel accordingly.

All In One

Use this handy online tool to get the lay of the land before you take your business on the road.

First Class

Our travel picks for 2008 offer the best in comfort, innovation and convenience--so you can get the most out of your trip.

Set the Scene

Don't want to have your next meeting in a hotel? There are plenty of stunning spaces in museums, parks and municipal buildings that break the stale conference room mold.

Easy Rider

Navigating uncharted territory? You've got options.

Bed, Breakfast and Business

Bed-and-breakfasts are well-known among the romantically inclined. But now their charm is reaching road warriors as well.

Entrepreneurs, Take Flight!

How travel websites are expanding out to small business owners.

Fly Better

Tips to getting yourself to the upper class.

It Could Happen to You

Find out more about covering your bases with business travel insurance.

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