Kate Broug


Kate Broug is an entrepreneur, pilot, journalist, and podcast host. She founded the ethical and sustainable companies Anna in Bhutan and Cosmo's Own. She is the host of "The Pivotal Moment podcast - with Kate Broug," which empowers women globally, and is also an FAA-licensed private pilot.

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Pilots Use This Checklist to Analyze and Reduce Flight Risks. Here's How It Can Help Entrepreneurs, Too.

Here is an effective hazard management tool entrepreneurs can use to successfully run their businesses.


The Art of the Debrief: Thriving on Self-Improvement and Brutally Honest Feedback

What the world of aviation can teach us about valuing self-reflection over achievement and self-aggrandizement in the workplace.

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Loud and Clear: A Red Button Technique for Effective Communication

"The Red Button Technique" is based on the communication between pilots in the air. 
This technique will be helpful for podcasters, professional communicators, but also for those who want to improve their persuasive social and business communication.

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Lessons from Flight School that Helped Me Become a Better Entrepreneur

I never imagined that the best business strategies would come to me inside an airplane cockpit.


Lecciones de la escuela de vuelo que me ayudaron a convertirme en un mejor empresario

Nunca imaginé que las mejores estrategias comerciales me llegarían dentro de la cabina de un avión.

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