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Ken Sundheim

Ken Sundheim

Ken Sundheim is the CEO of KAS Placement Sales and Marketing Recruiters, a sales and marketing recruiting firm specializing in staffing business development and marketing professionals around the U.S. Ken has been published in Forbes, Chicago Tribune, AOL, Business Insider,,, Huffington Post and many others. He has also appeared on MTV, Fox Business News and spoken at some of the country's leading business schools on HR, job search and recruitment.

Inspiring Your Team

Do Personality Tests Lead to Better Hiring Decisions?

It's only natural that companies turn to psychological assessment tests in the hopes of improving the accuracy and validity of their recruitment processes.
Business Moving Forward

6 Ways to Increase Efficiency and Focus

Competency no longer does the trick. It is crucial for professionals to not only be able to complete tasks, but to be able to complete them with the utmost efficiency, accuracy and creativity.
Take It From The Pros

5 Tips to Controlling Bad Habits

Habits can be changed, but only if we understand how they work and gain a comprehension of the most effective ways to combat undesirable actions.

How to Write a Persuasive Email

Email persuasion is about what you say and when you say it.

Selling Yourself in an Interview Without 'Selling'

There are certain tactics you can do during an interview to help leave a good impression -- and they don't involve being fake,
Take It From The Pros

How to Be More Persuasive at Work

To achieve complex goals, we often must rely upon the hard work and cooperation from those around us.

Controlling Bad Habits for a Successful Career

Habits run our lives. Our behavior has a direct and profound effect on our attitude.
Take It From The Pros

The Fundamentals of Successful Thinking

People who have developed the right mental disciplines make more money, stretch their abilities more than their peers, enjoy higher positions at work, command more respect and form more meaningful pro...

Why Networking Is an Overrated Career Tool

By itself, networking is ambiguous and inefficient, as the simple act of networking lacks a clear beginning and end goal.
Hiring Employees

What Really Affects Your Ability to Make Money

These are the factors that are most influential when it comes to a person's earning potential.
Take It From The Pros

Learning From Leaders of the Past

To get a true feel of what comprises a leader, it's crucial to analyze those who came before us.
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The Mentality of a Successful Career

Success is all in your head. If you want to control your ability to have a lucrative, fulfilling career, it's imperative to control the way you think.
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15 Behaviors and Traits of Great Leaders

They have resolve and vision, but are humble about it.
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5 Steps for Becoming an Indispensable Leader

As a leader, being indispensable can make employees better, they drive revenue and maintain a sense of optimism around the office.

How Workplace Happiness Affects Your Paycheck

Productivity and performance aren't the only drivers of success.