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Kip Tindell

Kip Tindell

Guest Writer / Author and CEO of The Container Store

Ask the Expert

Stand Out From the Crowd: 3 Ways to Put a Spotlight on Your Company

When your company and another one has similar offerings, here is how to differentiate yourself.
Inspiring Your Team

Is It Smart for Entrepreneurs to Hire Friends?

Hiring people you know and trust can be very beneficial to an entrepreneur and her venture. But if not done correctly, it can spell disaster.
Inspiring Your Team

The Importance of Culture When Starting Up

With most startups just concerned with surviving, how important is culture?
Inspiring Your Team

Determining Early Employees Compensation and When to Scale Up

Our expert, serial entrepreneur, author and CEO of The Container Store, Kip Tindell discusses what to consider when paying early employees and when to expand beyond the early team.