Dr. Kira Graves

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor
Founder & CEO of Kira Graves Consulting

Dr. Kira Graves is a Forbes List member, an executive coach, an entrepreneur and a psychologist specializing in the areas of business, consulting and education. She has a BA from Howard University, a Life/Work Coach certification from UCLA and a Ph.D. in Business Psychology.

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How to Turn Micromanagement Into Empowerment and Unlock True Employee Satisfaction

Let's delve into the complexities of micromanagement, explore the underlying psychological factors and offer a roadmap to empower leaders, fostering autonomy, psychological safety and a strengths-based approach, ultimately leading to enhanced employee engagement and productivity.

Growing a Business

3 Ways Employee Vacationing Increases a Company's Productivity

Before the pandemic, American workers left a record 768 million unused vacation days on the table.

Estrategias de crecimiento

3 formas en que las vacaciones de los empleados aumentan la productividad de una empresa

Antes de la pandemia, los trabajadores estadounidenses dejaron sobre la mesa un récord de 768 millones de días de vacaciones sin usar.

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