Kristen Henning


A Happy Medium

One entrepreneur is helping divorced couples find common ground.

A Piece of (Fake) Cake

The cake might not be real, but the money is.

Saving Water, Saving Grace

This little blue cube is bringing in some serious green.

Business Mentoring

Years of managing and running businesses inspired one man to help others do the same.

Smart Ideas Roundup 07/08

Be in the know about the next big thing.

Making Connections

Love blogging but hate typing? Alan Levy has just the thing for you.

Mother Knows Best

For Julie Dix, adding soft satin tags to her son's blanket led to the creation of a multimillion-dollar business.

Risk and Reward

3 entrepreneurs reveal how they solved their startups' malfunctions.

Phone Home

One parent turned a small volunteer project into a fundraising powerhouse.

Give 'Em a Boost

Amir Levin turned dinnertime turmoil into inspiration.

Oh So Simple

Alan Regala, 30, was tired of forgetting to bring his lunch to work.

Second Skin

Here's how two entrepreneurs scratched their business itch.

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