Kristin Edelhauser

As's staff writer, Kristin Edelhauser writer features, blogs and other pieces for the site. She previously worked as a writer and researcher for the NBC San Diego affiliate.


Estrategias de crecimiento

Lo que realmente dice la aprobación de su correo electrónico

Descubra lo que los expertos en etiqueta empresarial tienen que decir sobre las expresiones que usamos para finalizar los correos electrónicos relacionados con el trabajo.


What Your Email Sign-Off Is Really Saying

Find out what business etiquette experts have to say about the expressions we use to end work-related emails.

Starting a Business

Viva Entrepreneurship

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we explore Hispanic entrepreneurship and business owners paving the way for their culture's future.


An Event to Remember

Whether it's a flying competition or an art show, these companies prove that businesses of any size can host a memorable event.

Thought Leaders

The Pedometer Challenge

We asked four on-the-go business owners to wear pedometers for one week to find out if entrepreneurs are as active as we think they are.

Starting a Business

He's Got Game

This entrepreneur is taking a chance with his Milwaukee board game shop.

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