Kurt Ivy


Kurt Ivy is a content writer for SHOPX and Gamerse, marketing advisor for Altar, head of content at Crypto PR Labs and CEO of Coffee Nova. Ivy is a philosopher, futurist, writer and entrepreneur.

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What Not to Do When Marketing a Web3 Product

If you understand Web2 marketing, then you're already halfway there. Here's how to prepare your business for marketing in Web3.

Science & Technology

How to Solve 'Botting' Problems in Retail and E-Commerce

If you're selling a hot product, chances are you are the target of automated checkout bots, which can cost you serious money. Here's what to do to stop the bots from taking over your business.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

From Web 2.0 to Web 3.0: How These Entrepreneurs Made the Switch

Even established players are joining the blockchain revolution. You should as well.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

Building Sustainable Wealth Outside Of Legacy Banking: A New Model For A New Era

It's time for a new financial system that rewards all of its participants, not just a select few.


3 razones por las que Web3 necesita protocolos y no proveedores de servicios

Los proveedores de servicios frustran el propósito de Web3. Cualquiera debería poder acceder a las utilidades vitales de Web3 sin costosas barreras de entrada.

Science & Technology

3 Reasons Why Web3 Needs Protocols And Not Service Providers

Service providers defeat the purpose of Web3. Anyone should be able to access vital Web3 utilities without costly barriers to entry.

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