Lesley Spencer Pyle

Lesley Spencer Pyle is the founder and president of HomeBasedWorkingMoms.com and HireMyMom.com , and she is the author of The Work-at-Home Workbook: Your Step-by-Step Guide on Selecting and Starting the Perfect Home Business for You. Pyle has been working from home for more than 13 years.


Data & Recovery

Four Tips for Raising Your Google Rank

A rundown of need-to-know basics for improving search-engine results.

Thought Leaders

Four Home-Based Business Myths

Separate fact from fiction before you decide to jump in head first.

Starting a Business

Four Home-Based Businesses in Demand

Consider these popular small-business ideas in 2011.

Thought Leaders

So You Want to Be a Consultant

Here are a few things you should consider before taking the plunge.


How to Do Market Research--The Basics

Is your business a product in search of a customer? Use these tips to create a product or service customers will clamor for.

Operations & Logistics

Keep More of What You've Earned

Women often overlook the need to protect their assets--whether business or personal. That's a big mistake.

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