Lloyd Grove


Sumner's Discontent

The chairman of Viacom and CBS may now have to sell chunks of his empire while dealing with a painful family rift.

World According to ... Curtis Welling

The C.E.O. of the philanthropic organization AmeriCares talks about the financial crisis, the incoming Obama administration, and the Bernie Madoff he knew.

David Plouffe

The manager of Barack Obama's historic presidential campaign gives a rare behind-the-scenes look back at the election.

Ray Kelly

New York's top cop talks about managing 52,000 employees, using technology, working for Mayor Bloomberg, and coping with shootings and tragedies.

Ivanka Trump

The Donald's daughter talks about the family business, the economy, McCain, and the "undisclosed lunch product."

Tina Brown

The former magazine editor and chronicler of Diana talks about her new website, Barry Diller, and the elusive nature of buzz.

Billy Mays

The TV pitchman gives his spiel on the economics of the infomercial, his new reality show, John McCain, and the beard. But wait! There's more!

World According To ... Robert Shiller

A rock star among economists, the Yale professor who called the dot-com-era bubble in stocks says that the housing slump could turn out worse than that of the Depression.

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