Maria Kathlyn Tan

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Writer
Business Coach for Misfits

Maria Tan is a business strategist, international consultant and speaker. She helps nonconformists create success tailored to their lifestyles and has coached over 1,000 people all over the world, from side-hustlers and new entrepreneurs to Ivy league graduates and diplomats.


Growing a Business

How "Drive-Thru" Business Hurts Your Bottom Line

The importance of providing your audience with a deliberate and engaging experience.

Making a Change

7 Surprising Ways You Self-Sabotage in Your Business (and What to Do Instead)

When we focus on the wrong things in business, we move away from the freedom we're seeking and instead find ourselves stuck.


7 formas sorprendentes en las que se autosabotea en su negocio (y qué hacer en su lugar)

Cuando nos enfocamos en las cosas equivocadas en los negocios, nos alejamos de la libertad que estamos buscando y, en cambio, nos encontramos estancados.


3 Ways to Avoid Getting 'Zoomed Out'

Tips to helping prevent burnout in today's workplace and home life.

Estilo de vida

3 formas de evitar que se 'aleje el zoom'

Consejos para ayudar a prevenir el agotamiento en el lugar de trabajo y la vida hogareña de hoy.

Thought Leaders

3 Reasons Why You're Stressing Yourself Out With Your Business

The new normal has required us to make several changes to our everyday lives, inviting us to become more entrepreneurial, creative and adaptable.

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