Marina Anderson

Co-founder of RAW Dating App

Co-founder of RAW dating app. RAW encourages people to show the true, unfiltered version with daily photo updates made on camera realtime only. No filters, no fakes, just real-life moments.

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¿Por qué ser auténtico y real es la nueva moda? Así es cómo las aplicaciones "Anti-Instagram" están cambiando las redes sociales

Las aplicaciones "Anti-Instagram" pueden ser una tendencia de nicho, pero su existencia indica un importante cambio hacia la autenticidad en el mundo digital.

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Why Being Real Is the New Perfect — How "Anti-Instagram" Apps Are Changing Social Media

"Anti-Instagram" apps may still be niche trends, but their existence indicates an important shift toward authenticity in online sharing.

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Why We Need a New Online Dating Experience

The time has come for a change in the online dating landscape. Will you be a part of it?

Business News

From Machine Learning to Unfiltered Videos, These Online Dating Trends Are Set to Improve the Tricky World of Dating

The dating world has changed dramatically in recent years, thanks to the proliferation of dating apps that have transformed how people meet and connect.

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Feeling Lonely? AI Companions Are Here to Help

Today, AI-generated companions may still sound like the plot of a science-fiction movie. However, they are already a reality for us, and these still-hard-to-imagine companions are becoming more and more popular.


The Metaverse and Digital Avatars: Is This the Future of Communication and Branding?

The idea of a digital avatar is pretty popular in various industries. Businesses can benefit by using digital avatars as part of their brand identity.

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