Maryam Ishani Thompson

Co-founder and Chief Content Officer of systemCHANGR

Maryam Ishani is a co-founder and the chief content officer of systemCHANGR, an ESG/SDG expert community think tank supporting scalable solutions for ESG advancement. She's covered politics, conflict and trade in the SWANA and APAC regions for AFP, Reuters and The Guardian.



The Power of a Strong Unexpected ESG Ally

This submission is about how the corporate sector can benefit from partnerships with unexpected ESG allies


El poder de un aliado ESG fuerte e inesperado

Esta presentación trata sobre cómo el sector empresarial puede beneficiarse de las asociaciones con aliados ESG inesperados.


Solving Organizational Diversity Is Still an Issue: The Cost Is Steep, But the Rewards Are High

This article includes information about the costs for failing to solve organization diversity issues and the simple tactics that can resolve them.


Resolver la diversidad organizacional sigue siendo un problema: el costo es alto, pero las recompensas son altas

Este artículo incluye información sobre los costos de no resolver los problemas de diversidad de la organización y las tácticas simples que pueden resolverlos.


Why ESG Conscious Companies are Resilient Companies

The courageous leaders of today are those that are taking their social impact into account.


Por qué las empresas conscientes de ESG son empresas resilientes

Los líderes valientes de hoy son aquellos que están tomando en cuenta su impacto social.

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