Matthew North


ZIM Integrated Shipping Services (ZIM): Don't Miss This Dividend

ZIM has one of the best dividends in the shipping industry. While demand for durable goods is expected to slow down and charges fall, this stock is still a great...

Why Rio Tinto Group (RIO) Is An Undervalued Opportunity

Investors have discounted RIO due to China's lockdowns and the slowing of construction projects. However, the real estate market has recently found the bottom and now has an upwards trajectory.

Why I'm Buying Pfizer And You Should Too

Some investors have discounted Pfizer's (NYSE: PFE) future value since the peak of the pandemic is over, but demand for continued development of COVID vaccines for future variants remains strong.

Palo Alto Networks: Pioneering AI in Cybersecurity

Palo Alto Networks (NASDAQ: PANW) is a leader in the cybersecurity industry. It has significantly grown its revenues faster and higher than the industry’s 5-year average.

A10 Networks: Key 5G Infrastructure Stock that's Beating the Market

A10 Networks (NYSE: ATEN) is an important 5G infrastructure company that helps to optimize 5G traffic flow whilst also securing this traffic against bottlenecks and cyber attacks.

NortonLifeLock: Developments in Avast Merger and Improved Fundamentals

NortonLifeLock's merger with Avast will be a great win for the business, but it is coming under fire from anti-trust regulators in the UK. The company has also improved its...

HubSpot: A More Competitive Valuation

The market has discounted HubSpot's shares and they could now be seen as competitively priced. The company's price-to-sales ratio made a new recent low while its revenues climbed higher.

Snap Inc: Revised Guidance & Steeping Losses

Snapchat is struggling to monetize its userbase and bring a sufficient number of advertisers to its platform. The market also reacted strongly to its revised guidance and discounted its share...

Datadog: A Unicorn Cloud Stock

Datadog ticks all the boxes. It has an enviable financial performance and great competitive strengths, making it one of the few unicorns in the cloud space.

Baidu: Leading the Way in AI Cloud

Baidu convincingly beat its earnings estimates and saw impressive growth in its AI Cloud services. These services are set to be a leading growth driver for the company in the...

Alibaba Group: Rallying on Fundamentals & Improved Macro Backdrop

Shares of Alibaba Group are down YTD due to regulatory pressures and threats of Western sanctions. The company is using this opportunity to buy back shares and some investors believe...

Airbnb: Bold Competitive Threats & A New World of Travel

Airbnb grew its revenues while many of its competitors faltered during the pandemic. A change in consumer preferences and spending habits has also enabled new dimensions of competition in the...

Block, Inc: Correcting for Negative Earnings

Block currently trades at what can be seen as an expensive valuation. The business has a negative EPS and a shrinking EBITDA margin. Despite this, the company also has some...

Oracle Corporation: A Falling Knife

Oracle is clearly a falling knife. Some analysts believe this is irrational due to its strong revenue growth and recent acquisition that will boost its TAM.

Yandex N.V: Pressure Under Sanctions and Semiconductor Shortages

Yandex is facing geopolitical as well as macroeconomic headwinds, along with supply chain shortages and threats from sanctions.

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