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Michael Lee Stallard

Michael Lee Stallard


Michael Lee Stallard, president of E Pluribus Partners and cofounder of, speaks, teaches and coaches on leadership, organizational culture and employee engagement. He is the author of Connection Culture and Fired Up or Burned Out. Follow him on his blogTwitterFacebookGoogle+ or Linkedin.

Take It From The Pros

How Redskins' Quarterback 'Captain Kirk' Developed Resilience to Excel

While the obvious answer is his competence and skill as an athlete and quarterback, he is also successful due to his support system.
Take It From The Pros

What Every Leader Should Know About Stress

While most bosses think they are the ones under the most stress, they're wrong.
Take It From The Pros

4 Ways Love Can Help Grow Your Business

The next time you hear one speaking about 'love' in terms of how colleagues treat one another and work together pay close attention.
Inspiring Your Team

What Leaders Can Learn From America's No. 1 Cancer Center

When his wife got sick, Michael Lee Stallard learned that a place's attitude can help heal as much as the medicine it provides.