Mihaela Nina

Mihaela Nina

Partner, Digital Brand and Communications, Augmentation X

About Mihaela Nina

Mihaela Nina is Partner at Augmentation X, a business growth studio, focused on conceptualizing, prototyping and managing digital products, technology systems and digital solutions, that enable businesses to drive both commercial performance and brand value. In her role, Mihaela leads the growth and client concept management of the flagship digital communications product of the company, Augmentation eXperience.

Prior to Augmentation X, Mihaela has founded Concerto TIC, a boutique sustainability advisory firm, as well as built revenue growth strategies across a wide spectrum of levels within the hospitality and services sector, having developed and driven the largest paid membership program of IHG MENA, as well as restructured and led the membership strategy of the most prominent business club in the region, Capital Club Dubai.

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