Mike Moyer

Inventor of Slicing Pie

Mike Moyer has started and run companies ranging from clothing manufacturing to marketing technology. Today, he runs Slicing Pie, a SaaS company that helps startup founders create fair equity splits. He teaches at Northwestern University. His books include "The Slicing Pie Handbook."

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Starting a Business

Startup Equity Splits Are a Calculation, Not a Negotiation

One of the biggest misconceptions startup founders have is that equity ownership needs to be negotiated in advance of any work being done. This problem is easily observable if you rely on facts instead of opinions.


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The path is more important than the destination.


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Starting a Business

The Secret to Pitching Your Business Plan in Just 10 Minutes

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Iniciar un negocio

El secreto para presentar su plan de negocios en solo 10 minutos

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