Mike Schmidt


Mike is the founder of Dovetale.com, an influencer marketing suite for brands of any size. Mike previously founded Listn, which was acquired by SFX Entertainment. Mike has also represented Canada at the G20 summit and graduated in Chemical Engineering.

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Community is the Future of Shopify

A community is a valuable asset that will keep your brand constantly moving forward.


La comunidad es el futuro de Shopify

Una comunidad es un activo valioso que mantendrá su marca en constante movimiento.


Community Is Key in Building a Multimillion Dollar E-commerce Company

Community-focused programming helps create a cult of loyalty for your e-commerce company.

Social Media

20 Ways to Make Money as a Social Media Influencer

We're at the beginning of the "creator economy." Here are 20 strategies to help you capitalize and grow your career as a content creator.

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