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Mikhail Alfon

Mikhail Alfon

Contributor / Digital Branding and Business Development

Mikhail Alfon is a digital marketer who helps businesses and individuals build their brand on social media. He's helped dozens of companies find success online in both B2B and B2C environments.

Business Moving Forward

3 Surprising Ways Hiring a Copywriter Off of Twitter Increased My Gross Revenue

Step one to business success is hiring people who are good at doing what you're not.

Is That Your Title or Your Entitlement?

That fancy title may not be as glorious as you expect.
Take It From The Pros

5 Crucial Advantages of Building a Personal Brand Most People Overlook

Personal branding is usually seen as just another kind of marketing but it has the potential for self discovery.
Personal Improvement

Why Everything Is Your Fault and Why That's Good

When your whole life is somebody else's fault, powerlessness is assured. Empowerment is about taking responsibility.