Nathan Farrugia

Managing Director, Vistage UAE and Malta

Nathan Farrugia is a multifaceted individual- a seasoned entrepreneur, influential business leader, TEDx speaker, accomplished author, dedicated philanthropist, and a world-record breaking endurance adventurer. Throughout his extensive career, he has demonstrated his leadership prowess by steering both businesses and non-profit organizations across diverse industries, including healthcare, technology, hospitality, and education.  

With an extensive career dedicated to guiding CEOs, fostering corporate growth, transforming executive mindsets, and helping employees discover their purpose, Nathan currently holds the position of Managing Director of Vistage UAE and Malta. Under his visionary leadership, this globally recognized CEO peer advisory and executive coaching organization has achieved remarkable growth, expanding tenfold since his acquisition of the franchise in 2015. With a highly proficient team of coaches, professionals, and unwavering member support, he continues to make significant strides in the region.  

Nathan’s career is marked by exceptional achievements, including his roles as CEO of Shireburn Software, and the founder and CEO of INSPIRE, the largest non-profit organization in Malta. He is a sought-after consultant and executive coach, with a client roster that includes Big Four firms, national airlines, leading banks, and numerous top 100 local businesses in Malta. As a dynamic keynote speaker, Nathan has delivered high-energy presentations in prestigious locations worldwide, from New York to St. Petersburg, and across Europe, the UK, and Asia. His talks have garnered rave reviews from audiences across the globe, including the UAE. Nathan captivates audiences with compelling storytelling, sharing valuable life hacks and tools that have fueled his success as an entrepreneur, executive coach, business leader, husband, and parent. He is dedicated to motivating teams, inspiring them to elevate their performance, and equipping them with the mindset-shifting skills they need to thrive.  

A philanthropist at heart, Nathan has served as the Chairperson of the Malta Paralympic Movement, and of the Council for the Voluntary Sector where he has supported in raising millions of euros through multiple fundraisers, social enterprises and through record breaking challenges. Additionally, Nathan is the trustee and founder of the Lino Spiteri Foundation, a leading employment service provider for disabled individuals, where he champions greater inclusion through the employment of vulnerable persons.  

In his personal life, Nathan authored A Million Steps, chronicling his remarkable journey of setting a world record by running 27 marathons in 27 consecutive days across 27 different countries. This inspiring book offers profound insights into pushing beyond perceived limits. Whether you’re a business executive or striving to elevate your life, A Million Steps poses fundamental questions to help you step out of your comfort zone. Drawing from brain science, leadership literature, psychology, and spirituality, the book encourages introspection and challenges you to unlock your fullest potential.



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