Nick Heethuis


Nick Heethuis is the founder of TripleShot Marketing, an Amazon consultant and a thought leader in marketplace ecommerce. He has helped launch new brands on Amazon and helped established brands scale to new levels of sales and profitability.

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Business News

9 Reasons You Should Have an Amazon Brand Storefront

Amazon offers a powerful tool to help brands differentiate themselves with the Amazon Brand Storefront. Here are nine of the most essential benefits Amazon Storefronts offer consumer brands.


A Practical Guide to Preparing Your Brand for National Media Exposure

From preparing your website for an influx of traffic to updating your social media profiles, we'll cover the key areas you need to focus on to ensure your brand is ready to shine when the spotlight hits.

Growing a Business

How to Create Video Ads That Actually Sell (and Why You Need Them in Your Marketing Strategy)

Video is essential for every consumer brand. Here's how to create a compelling video for your brand and why it matters.


3 Ways Amazon SEO Can Go Wrong

SEO on Amazon is very different from SEO on Google. Taking the time understand and implement Amazon SEO best practices can pay off in the form of more visibility and more sales for your brand.


3 formas en que el SEO de Amazon puede salir mal

El SEO en Amazon es muy diferente al SEO en Google. Tomarse el tiempo para comprender e implementar las mejores prácticas de Amazon SEO puede dar sus frutos en forma de más visibilidad y más ventas para su marca.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

7 Ways Your Brand Can Thrive in the Metaverse

Actionable ways to stay at the cutting edge by embracing the new opportunities presented by the metaverse.

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