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Why Is Outcomation a Topic Every CEO Should Discuss In the Coming Year?

Outcomation will be the key for firms to command an edge over peers amid cut-throat competition and maintain their relevance over time

Powerful Tools That HR Heads And CHROs Should Use For Enhanced Productivity

Given the stiff competition, it might get tough to figure out where to begin regarding which solution to opt for

How the Role Of An HR Head Evolve In 2021

A recent survey of more than 800 HR leaders shows that although many expect their organizations to focus on growth in 2021, cost optimization features and improving operational excellence remains on top of the pyramid

Role Of HR Technology In a Virtual World

As organizations are yet to resume the 'work from office' model, HR technology has become key to navigating in a virtual world

How Are Today's Business Leaders And the HR Function Navigating Challenges?

HR function have played a pivotal role in reassuring, motivating and thereby aiding the workforce to navigate the COVID-19 tide

Top 5 Reasons Firms Need to Move from Measuring Performance to Ensuring Performance

The COVID-19 crisis has underscored the importance of an effective performance management system as companies shift towards aligning employees' performances with the achievement of tangible business outcomes

Robotic Interviews, Machine Learning And the Future Of Workforce Recruitment

These would affect all aspects of HR functions such as the way HR professionals on-board and hire people, and the way they train them

Key Tech Advancements That Will Hit the HR Tech Space

As businesses become more dynamic and competitive as well as technologically advanced, the need to identify, attract, evaluate, on-board, engage the workforce has become a top priority along with the focus on business outcomes

Radical Changes Needed in Setting Guidelines For Women During Work From Home

There are various difficulties that are being faced by everyone, especially women during this lockdown who are trying to strike a work-life and family balance

COVID-19 Outbreak: Why HRTech Is The Best Tool During These Times

In a crisis like this, we may be missing out on opportunities to not only increase the efficiency and accuracy of your HR function but also enhance employee engagement

How HRMS Can Tackle Gender Imbalance at Workplace

Despite several measures taken across the globe, gender inequality remains consequential and multidimensional

[Trends 2020] How will HRTech Shape This Year?

In today's world, business has become dynamic and technology has become more disruptive

HR Processes To Undergo A Radical Shift With Blockchain Technology

With companies like Microsoft and Accenture keen to adopt Blockchain the process has become more streamlined

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