Pui Ki

Senior Analyst

I cover financial-technology news and entrepreneurship.

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Science & Technology

3 Ways to Reimagine Trust for Web3 Games and Metaverse

Web2 brought targeted advertising where privacy became a thing of the past. Web3 allows users to remain anonymous and gives them more control over their data. What are the pros and cons?


6 consejos para ayudarlo a comenzar un negocio desde cero

Consejos útiles para jóvenes emprendedores que buscan llevar sus ideas desde cero a la rentabilidad.

Starting a Business

6 Tips to Help You Start a Business From Scratch

Useful tips for young entrepreneurs looking to to take their ideas from scratch to profitability.

Business News

What Entrepreneurs Can Do to Overcome the Impact of Natural Disasters

Although natural calamities are unpredictable, one can sketch a plan that may be useful in managing businesses when they strike.


Qué pueden hacer los empresarios para superar el impacto de los desastres naturales

Aunque las calamidades naturales son impredecibles, se puede esbozar un plan que puede ser útil para administrar negocios cuando ocurren.

Science & Technology

How Financial Technology Can Help Move Us Closer to Wealth Equality

Decentralized finance could help decrease wealth inequality around the globe.

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