Robert Finlay

Robert Finlay

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
Founder at Thirty Capital & Lobby CRE

Robert Finlay helps operators and investors in the commercial real-estate industry generate market-beating returns. He has built multiple 9-figure real-estate tech products, including his primary focus, Lobby CRE.

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Cryptocurrency has infiltrated just about every industry on the planet, including commercial real estate, and that's a good thing. 

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Two decades ago, data was the buzzword in the business world.

You are Your Best Real-Estate Asset

There are four reasons why you should prioritize investing in yourself. 

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To survive, your commoditized business needs to find new ways of providing real, reliable value.

5 Psychology-Backed Hacks That Train Your Brain to Be More Innovative

As you try to open yourself up to new ways of thinking, you will find it easier to generate ideas for your business.

4 Things Older Companies Can Learn From Startups

Though your business might have left the startup stage long ago, it's not a bad idea to get back to running your company the way you did back then.

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