Robert Reffkin

Robert Reffkin

Guest Writer / Founder and CEO of Compass

Robert is the founder and CEO of Compass, a technology-driven real estate company in New York and DC.

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Why Startups Need Leaders, Not Bosses

There's no place where strong leadership is needed more than in a hectic startup environment in which the odds are most stacked against you, and Herculean efforts to gain and maintain traction are req...
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6 Powerful Tips to Get the Most Out of Networking

Getting connected is a strategic treasure hunt, a quest to find ways to plug holes to support your startup's mission and objectives.
Ask the Expert

What It Really Takes to Be an Entrepreneur

Our expert, Robert Reffkin, discusses what it takes to be successful and how entrepreneurship really has nothing to do with business ownership.

3 Must-Use Tactics to Differentiate Your Company From the Competition

Making the choice to select substance over splash is critical in building a deep, unique product.
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