Scott Halford

Scott Halford is an expert speaker and author of the bestselling book, Be a Shortcut: The Secret Fast Track to Business Success (Wiley and Sons 2009). He can be reached at

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Five Ways to Channel Your Inner Millionaire

Here's how to harness your brain power to maximize productivity.

5 Steps for Giving Productive Feedback

It can be a delicate process, but assessing a person's progress can lead to improvement and growth.

Five Tips for Making Better Decisions

Being able to pull the trigger is one of the benefits of being your own boss, but some entrepreneurs are still gun shy.

Charting Your Path to Market Mastery

Six tips and tools to help discover your strengths and sharpen your skills.

Top Tips for Managing Stress

How to turn a frazzled day into fuel for your business.

How to Become a Master Problem Solver

Five steps to sharpen your problem-solving skills -- and save time and money, too.

What I Learned About Success From Jack Welch

Successful people know that complaining about a problem doesn't get you very far. Trying to solve it does.

You Are What You Think

4 steps to creating your perfect world using the power of thought

The Successful Optimist

Why the language you use makes a difference

How to Stop Procrastinating--Now

5 strategies to help you beat one of the most common time killers

The Science of Success

5 tips for creating mental momentum for you and your business

Alter Self-Sabotaging Behaviors

5 ways to override the negative effects of 'danger surfing' in yourself, your employees and your customers

4 Steps to Smart Negotiating

Be fair and you'll get the most out of the deal--our brains are wired for it.

5 Tips to Keep You Sharp

Constant learning is the foundation of a successful business owner.

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