Scott Miker

Author, Speaker, Business Operations Professional

Scott Miker is the author of "You Can’t Surf from the Shore: An Introduction to the Systems and Habits Approach to Improvement" and writes a weekly blog on using systems at His career has focused on business operations and how to improve a business’s systems and processes to grow.

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Growing a Business

4 Ways to Avoid Bureaucracy as You Scale

Growing companies will find a conflict between remaining nimble or being structured. Structure is needed but to attain the structure without the rigidity, follow these steps.

Growing a Business

3 Easy Ways to Continuously Improve Your Business

Continuous improvement might seem like something large corporations do but it is beneficial to small businesses and can be tailored to drive improvement in your company.


A Step-By-Step Approach to Get Your Staff to Bring You Solutions, Not Problems

Every business faces problems. How you handle those problems will determine how successful your business becomes. If you want your team to bring you solutions, not just problems, build appropriate systems.


4 principios para desarrollar un liderazgo de siguiente nivel en su empresa

Es importante llenar los agujeros de gestión que se crean cuando la empresa crece. Utilice estos cuatro principios para desarrollar líderes en su organización.


4 Principles to Develop Next-Level Leadership at Your Company

Filling management holes that get created when the company gets bigger is important. Use these four principles to develop the leaders in your organization.

Estrategias de crecimiento

3 formas de planificar para el futuro y evitar quedar atrapado en la maleza

Si se queda atascado en la maleza, no podrá planificar estratégicamente para llevar su negocio al siguiente nivel.

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