Senthil Natarajan

Senthil Natarajan

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

About Senthil Natarajan

Senthil Natrajan, Co-Founder & CEO, OpenTap has cumulative work experience of over 22 years, of which he spent 17 years in Wall Street. His stint with Wall Street helped him develop and hone deep expertise in financial markets.
Prior to co-founding OpenTap, Senthil worked in Barclays (2012 – 2013) where he set up their Indian technology operations for the Investment Bank division. Senthil worked with JP Morgan (2004 – 2012) in New York, London and Mumbai (OTC Derivatives - IT).
Earlier in his career Senthil worked for HSBC and Lehman Brothers in New York and Hong Kong building risk platforms for OTC Derivative Trading Desks. Senthil has extensive work experience in credit products like Collateralized Debt Obligations, Loan trading and Credit Default Swaps.

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