Shakir Akorede


Shakir Akorede is a writer, digital entrepreneur and the founder of 501 Words. He's equally a researcher and a young professional in foreign policy.

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"შესაფერისი მომენტი" მითია

როგორ "ვამუშავოთ" ნებისმიერი დრო ჩვენთვის


How To Boost Your Career With Online Personal Branding

You'll continue to harvest the benefits of your personal brand once you lay the groundwork, plant the seeds and nurture it well.


Four Strategies To Help Small Businesses Increase Customer Retention

A few proven tactics to satisfy both prospects and existing customers, earn their loyalty and make more income.

Growth Strategies

Three Things To Learn From Google's Workplace Culture

Google is becoming a leading exemplar of workplace culture, here's what we can learn from them.

Growth Strategies

Three Little Factors That Wreak Havoc On Workplace Productivity

Why rigid bureaucratic nature of organizations endangers overall company success.

Thought Leaders

The 'I'm My Own Boss' Myth Humbles Many an Entrepreneur

That misconception does not comport with startup reality. But by adopting the right mindset, you can come to terms with how many bosses you really have.

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