Sid Kemp

Sid Kemp is president of Sid Kemp Enterprises , the premiere solution for small business problems. Kemp's consulting services help small-business owners solve problems and improve profitability fast, leading to long-term success. Kemp is the author of the bestseller Ultimate Guide to Project Management for Small Business and eight other business success books. Kemp is an author, motivational speaker, trainer, consultant and executive coach--he'll do whatever he can to help you "Fix Your Business."

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How to Start Each Day Motivated

Motivate yourself through focus, passion and commitment.

A S.Y.S.T.E.M. for Thriving

Save yourself stress, time, energy and money to move beyond just surviving.

Learn to Adapt in the Face of Adversity

When something doesn't work, don't run away. Move through the obstacle to achieve your goal.

Value + Simplicity = Success

The keys to success in business are old as time. Add value and keep it simple.

Learn From Your Mistakes

When ignored, even small mishaps can have major consequences.

4 Business Lessons from NASCAR

You're the driver, the car's your business--now learn how to finish first.

6 Tips to Assess Problems, Find Solutions

When you fix all the small problems in your business, profits shoot through the roof.

6 Steps to Better Business Solutions

Learn to think like a business consultant, and turn your experience into expertise.

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