Simon Hudson

Simon Hudson

Guest Writer
Founder and CEO, Brndstr

About Simon Hudson

Simon Hudson is the CEO and Founder of Having recently closed a large funding round, Hudson is well versed with the challenges ahead of any startup. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Hudson worked as Marketing Director for Trump Towers in Miami and more recently as a senior figure at Groupon Middle East. Over the past two years he has been busy helping to grow, build and develop the Dubai startup circuit. As the Founder of, ex-Chapter Director for, moderator of the previous Young Arab Leader event, and a coach at this year's Dubai Startup Weekend, in addition to contributing the monthly entrepreneur column for newspaper 7days UAE, Hudson is well positioned to offer help and advice to any budding entrepreneur.

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What did I learn throughout this exciting journey? Firstly, it is not to get too attached to what you build.

There's A Bot For That: Here's Why Your Brand Should Be Paying Attention To Bots

Over the past few months, we have seen a number of companies try to build bots and integrate them into their business. As they did with websites and then apps, more companies will, slowly, over time, move over to work with bots.
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Just like an acorn needs the right weather conditions, an entrepreneur needs the right funding, support, (and in my view) network to help it grow.
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My Startup Turns Two: Lessons Learned On My Entrepreneurial Journey

We have all been there, wondering if making the jump to captain our own ship is a good idea- and I can now confirm that sailing the startup seas and steering your own company forward is well worth the jump.
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The House That Jack Built: Spending Startup Cash

For all you entrepreneurs looking to raise that initial seed capital, in short a good prototype, simple business plan, and a solid team are -in my view- what's needed to help raise your capital.
Growth Strategies

Why Investing Time (Not Just Money) Is Essential For Your Startup

Brndstr founder Simon Hudson gives a brief overview on what was needed to raise the funds for his enteprise, the time it took, and more.
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We Just Launched An App... And It Went Great!

Brndstr CEO Simon Hudson on how his company went about developing Innbx, an iOS and Android app to manage multiple accounts on Instagram.
Growth Strategies

Startups Don't Take Vacays: Time Is Money, Summer Shouldn't Mean A Decline In Your Productivity

Now we will look at what to do as the temperatures start to climb and the GCC holiday season kicks in.

Counting On It For The Year Ahead: Financials And Your Business

By now, you will all be setting nicely into 2015, and hopefully, you've redirected your focus to the year ahead for your enterprise.
Corporate Culture

Office Interiors Say A Lot About Your Corporate Culture

A working environment is as important as the idea itself. Brndstr CEO Simon Hudson on why entrepreneurs should take time to plan, imagine, and take inspiration for your dream workspace.
Raising Capital

Tips When Raising The Seed: Startup Pitching

Five things that startups may not think about when seeking to raise funds.

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