Sonam Chandwani

Sonam Chandwani

Managing Partner at KS Legal and Associates

Sonam Chandwani founded KS Legal & Associates in 2013 with the vision of having a client-driven firm which offers proactive and feasible legal solutions.  

She had an experience of working with a leading engineering and trading company, wherein she oversaw high-value disputes, advised company management and led the company's legal functions. Sonam has focused on complex litigation and advisory for over seven years, with extensive experience in the areas of Arbitration, Insolvency and Bankruptcy, Banking and Finance, Real Estate Disputes and Corporate Litigation, to name a few. Her combination of substantial litigation experience and in-house responsibility positions her to understand needs and earn the trust of clients, both in contentious disputes and proactive risk avoidance.

She is especially noted for her exacting attention to efficiency in litigation, both in controlling costs and in being selective about avenues to pursue in litigation.


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