Sophia Banay


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Cheaper Chic

With even the rich feeling financially pinched, businesses are quietly offering discounts on everything from spa services to private jets.

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Choosing Cash Over Cachet

The dramatic downturn on Wall Street has caused an uptick in selling off pricey assets, from designer handbags to wine collections.

Business News

Happy Hour? Try Nightcap

Cosmos, martinis, and four-inch-heel Manolos were exciting in the late '90s-but will enough women line up to see Sex and the City now? Probably not.

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Screen Gems

How H. Stern's jewelry coordinator gets the company's �million-dollar baubles onto the likes of Angelina Jolie and Catherine Zeta-Jones at the Oscars.

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The film world's best and worst financial performances of 2007.

Business News

Mirror, Mirror, at the Mall

A high-tech looking glass could be a dressing-room innovation or an annoyance.

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