Stefanie Ricchio

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
Managing Director

Stefanie Ricchio is a strategic advisor on technology products, business systems, processes and accounting. She has two decades of corporate accounting experience and 10 years of technology implementation experience. She is a professor of business and accounting, author and award-winning content developer.


Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

Kevin O'Leary on Leading and Innovating to Build a Better Digital Asset Marketplace

In an exclusive interview, the 'Shark Tank' investor explains the changes and movements being made towards a regulated cryptocurrency market and how it will benefit investors and businesses.

Growing a Business

Don't Fake It Till You Make It — Become It

Tips on exploring where your startup could be exposed to the greatest risk.


No lo finjas hasta que lo logres, conviértete en él

Consejos para explorar dónde su startup podría estar expuesta al mayor riesgo.

Science & Technology

When the World Goes Dark, Will Your Business Keep the Lights On?

Three areas to assess and diversify your business operations to protect your business from outages.

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