Valeriya Minaeva

CEO of PR agency

Valeriya Minaeva is the Founder of a native web3 Communications firm and a main contributor to 1inch Network, the largest DeFi protocol.

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Growing a Business

5 Key Tips to Restore Your Reputation After a PR Crisis

A PR crisis is always negative, but by using these five tips, the damage can be limited.

Science & Technology

5 Reasons Why Crypto Projects Need PR in a Bear Market

In economic downturns, companies will cut costs, tighten the belt, retreat. It's ingrained in human DNA, because those who didn't adapt didn't survive. But with both the personal and the economic, merely shrinking or hiding is not enough.

Science & Technology

7 Trends Crypto PR Professionals Should Be Aware of in 2023

here are a few trends that crypto public relations professionals should be aware of this year.

Science & Technology

5 Red-Hot Cryptocurrency Trends That Are Making 2022 a Year To Remember

With the first financial quarter well and truly over and the second chugging along nicely, we're looking at the trends that could make or break the rest of 2022.

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