Verun Rastogii

Verun Rastogii

Founder & CEO, Mufubu

About Verun Rastogii

Verun Rastogii, Founder and CEO Mufubu, wishes to spread joy and happiness through his business. In his current capacity at Mufubu, Varun looks after new product development, key marketing activities, monitoring key functions of legal, sales and finance and negotiating and bringing new brand partners on board.

An entrepreneur through and through, Verun has always been driven by his freewill. His independent yet dedicated personality motivated him to kick start something of his own. Going beyond the typical business silos, Verun started an export company in the year 2009, and in a short span of 2 years, he scaled it to a company worth crores. He is a curious personality and settling down is not an option for him. This very nature makes him a bag packer and an avid socializer who is always hopeful of bumping into something unusual and thought provoking. It is his inquisitive nature that prompted him to start Mufubu and let the world experience the fascination that he experiences.

Verun is a B. Sc. Hons in Business & Management from School of Management, University of Bradford, UK. However owing to his happy-go-lucky, bright, and buoyant personality, he refused to be further taught in a water-tight educational system. Going beyond the conventional stereotypes, Verun chose to drop out of his MBA and follow his way.

He plans to take Mufubu to the global level through steady investment in technology, people, and products in the years to come. He wants to see the company clock 1000 products, introduce 8+ categories, and expand the company’s presence in over 50 countries. When not talking shop, Verun is a sports enthusiast and loves to play table tennis. He also actively attends a lot of sports events. He finds peace in solitude and loves going for long drives.

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