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Wil Schroter

Wil Schroter

Guest Writer / Co-founder and CEO of

Wil Schroter is a serial entrepreneur and fundraising veteran, having founded nine internet companies in the last 20 years -- the last three venture-backed. He is currently the co-founder and CEO of, a crowdfunding platform for small businesses that allows them to raise capital online.

Starting a Business

Starting Up? Think Twice Before You Work From Home.

While it may seem like an appealing option, working from home can present momentous obstacles at the startup level.

'Funded' Doesn't Necessarily Mean 'Validated'

While an absence of funding can feel discouraging, don't let investment serve as the sole barometer for the worth of your enterprise.
Inspiring Your Team

How to Shut Down Your Struggling Startup

A failed business venture is practically a rite of passage. But rather than simply imploding, bowing out with gratitude and grace can help set the stage for future success.